About Us

Takeout Waiter is a nationwide network of franchisees that locally own and operate their restaurant delivery services like a family business. Our local owner operators focus on enhancing their community by driving NEW delivery sales for both chain and Mom & Pop restaurants, creating delivery jobs for local citizens and most of all providing a convenient meal delivery service to residents and office workers that will save them time and hassle while improving their quality of life. We provide “Delivery you Deserve”.

About Our Service

Each Takeout Waiter franchise may differ slightly, but here are the basics. Our delivery charge averages $4.99 but may vary based on size or distance. Our delivery times average 45 - 60 minutes, but may be faster or longer based on traffic, weather or restaurant cook times. Our drivers are independent so they pay for their own gas and vehicle expenses. Tipping your delivery waiter 15% to 20% is customary (18% is average). Most of our services accept cash or credit cards, but credit card purchases may incur a 3% processing charge. You may purchase and use gift cards through our system. Takeout Waiter issued coupons can be used, but not with any other discount. We do not take restaurant coupons for delivery. Customer service issues will be handled by your local Takeout Waiter franchisee. Go to their local page to see their contact information at the bottom.

Why Us

When you order from us, you are investing in a local owner that lives and works in your community, you are supporting a local restaurant that employs people and feeds your local community and you are paying and supporting a local driver that lives and works in your community. ..not a large faceless tech company that has never been to your town, much less met the restaurant partners nor the drivers that take the orders you give them. The bottom line is when you order from us, you are investing locally.

How We Got Here...

Before Takeout Waiter Inc.

Our founder, Mike Handy has been at the top of the RDS industry since 1997, but before that he was already an expert in the food delivery business. In the late 1980’s Mike worked for a large corporate catering company in Dallas, Texas as the General Manager, and was directly responsible for doubling its growth from $2 million to over $4 million per year in sales.

Mike moved to Orlando Florida in 1991 to start his own catering company – Delectable Edibles – and it soon became one of the largest in Orlando prior to its sale. Mr. Handy had positioned himself – and was at that time being recruited – as a nationally recognized food service consultant.

Takeout Taxi

The Nations First and Largest RDS Franchise

In 1997 Mike was hired as a consultant to manage Takeout Taxi’s three corporate stores; to research, develop, and implement best practices into their then 50 national franchises. After Mike’s consulting contract ended, he immediately seized the opportunity to launch his own restaurant delivery service (OrderUp.com) in Orlando, Florida. He signed up 82 restaurants for delivery in a four month period at an average 30% commission.


By implementing all of the RDS best practices that he learned and developed at TOT, and avoiding all of the mistakes made by the failed delivery services that he visited, his first RDS grew quickly, tracking almost $2 million in sales his first year in business. Due to its immediate success, OrderUp.com was a target for acquisition and purchased by a larger Dot Com in only it’s second year.

Restaurant Delivery USA

After staying out of the RDS industry for a few years, Mike was ushered back in due to the popularity of an article in Entrepreneurs “Small Business Opportunities” magazine about how he started and grew OrderUp.com. Mike assembled a team that consulted with local entrepreneurs and launched 84 restaurant delivery services in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Guam, Japan, China and New Zealand. The clients that diligently followed the RDUSA business model experienced enormous success, and are still operating successfully today.

Mobile Waiters

Many clients asked us to franchise our concept early on, but our thoughts were that we did not want to franchise when we had a model that “would work”. Instead, what we wanted was both the freedom to develop a system that we felt was a great call for not just entrepreneurs, but to their communities, and only franchise when we had a model that “could not fail”. In 2009, RDUSA joined forces with an existing franchise system owned by Endurance Media that had managed over 300 franchises for the past 30 years. With their help and experience coupled with our extensive knowledge, we were able to begin franchising our model within 6 months.


In 2010 with Mike at the helm, they implemented the model, and sold over 30 GoWaiter franchises in 3 years becoming the most successful RDS Franchise in existence over the same period. The GoWaiter.com brand tracked over $12 million in sales during 2012 alone, delivering to online customers from nearly 1,000 of America’s favorite restaurants. In late 2013 however, an investor decided to push the company in a new direction, change the name and business model, and Mike ultimately sold his shares to the investor and resigned. 3 years later GoWaiter shut it's doors, and Mike picked back up where he left off, this time under the name of Takeout Waiter.

Takeout Waiter Frachise System

Current RDS Industry

Today’s industry is different. Technology has advanced to the point that processing orders and dispatching drivers is much more efficient, allowing a single service to account for – literally – hundreds of orders per day. Consumer demand is at an all time high, partially due to a better economy but primarily because of the simple fact that people are not preparing their own meals as much, yet wanting to spend more time at home with their families. Plus, there is a high demand for from local offices that want lunch-time drop off catering for staff meetings and training sessions. And considering recently forecasted trends in the hotel industry to eventually relinquish the food service realm altogether, our room service marketing demand is increasing phenomenally. In a nutshell, the industry is healthy and certainly growing, so if you’ve ever thought that starting a food delivery service in your area was a great idea (it really is) then contact us and let Takeout Waiter help you turn that great idea into a successful, highly profitable business right in your hometown.